I got my Hello Kitty e-mail account back

For the longest time, my Hello Kitty e-mail account was locked out, as many other subscribers have also experienced. We kept checking and checking for months and months. Only to hear them say, that they are still working on it. We don’t really know what happened. It was just one day we couldn’t access our e-mail account anymore. It kept giving me an error message and telling me to agree to the terms of agreement to be able to create the email account.

It went on for months. I, somehow, forgot about it and just ready to give up. Today, I was going through my stuff online and thought about my old Hello Kitty e-mail. I tried to log in. I had expected the same error message. What do you know, I got the same error message. No shocker there. Click on the check box to let the system know that I’m not a robot and agree on the terms agreement. Then, I see spinning wheel. “Hmm, I’ve seen this before.” I already know this, it’s just going to keep doing that and then tell me the same error again. And then something happened, I see something I’ve never seen you before. I didn’t recognize it right away. The inbox now has an updated look. It no longer looks like the basic html format that it used to be. I was so excited to be in. But told myself that this might not be right. So I tried to send an email from my Hello Kitty account to see if it can receive an email. A new message to my other inbox came in with the title: Test Email. “Good, it worked.” I told myself. Now let me try sending one to my Hello Kitty e-mail, same title same message. Moments later, I received the needed e-mail. “Great, it’s back!” That’s when I finally confirmed that I now have my favorite e-mail address back.

If you are interested to register a Hello Kitty e-mail account, then go to http://www.sanriotown.com and choose the e-mail address that you would like to have. There are other options, other than hellokitty.com; there is also mymelody.com and kuririnmail.com. Happy registering!

ASL 11.10.19 (Clearwater, FL)

Instagram: happyfoodtrips

2 thoughts on “I got my Hello Kitty e-mail account back

    • Hi M3! Thank you for this question. I was able to get it back for a certain time. But I made the mistake of updating the password from the mailing system. You see, when you log in now on your email at sanriotown.com it redirects you to this new email system – possibly a new email hosting website (not sure what it’s called). But anyway when I hit log out there it shows a different log in and password boxes. It said that it needs the password to match the requirements — so I updated my password via there. I was able to log in but when I tried it the following day it no longer accepted my password. I tried the new password in sanriotown.com it didn’t let me go thru. I used the old password still didn’t let me in. I tried to retrieve my password, but it didn’t send me any email. Long story short, I didn’t get it back. However, I had an older account that had a hellokitty.com email so I was able to log in there and still have it to this day — but not the account that I want to get in to. I hope this helped in answering your question.


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