Feed Me Chris

I am loving my Feed Me Chris shirt!

What’s the story behind this? You may ask. As everyone may have figured by now – I love to eat. There’s a really sweet story behind this shirt.

About almost a decade ago, my now husband asked for my hand in marriage from my parents. In this conversation, my mom has given Chris a very good advice. “To keep Ainee happy, all you have to do is feed her.” Chris has never forgotten those words. He only shared this advice once we were already a few months in our marriage. Over the years, I would joke around and say “Feed me, Seymour” just like how the monster plant, Audrey II, would say in the movie Little Shop of Horrors. Eventually other people have learned about this – our whole “Feed me, Seymour. Feed me, Chris.” So it wasn’t a surprise when I was given a shirt that says “Feed Me Chris.” Thank you to that person, by the way! As I truly love this shirt!

Hubby still continues to keep me happy by feeding me all the good food that he cooks and prepares. You may even see some of his cooking posted here. He truly makes life a life long happy food trip. Thank you Chris for being my best friend, love of my life, life partner and awesome husband. Please don’t stop feeding me.

ASL 11.19.19 (Clearwater, FL)

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