Mommy and I

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my mom, Lany. We don’t have the same tastes when it comes to fashion and jewelry. Some say I look like her. Some say I look like my late dad. Our relationship is usually can be compared to a boat on an open sea. Some days it’s smooth sailing and some days we’re faced with high tides and strong wind.

shopping at Target

She is a good cook and I will try to show some of her food here once she cooks some of my favorites. She recently just migrated here in the US. So she is still currently adjusting and getting used to her new environment. Once she’s a little bit more settled in, then I’ll be able to taste some of my old favorites and hope to post some photos here.

ASL 10.27.19 (Clearwater, FL)

First Bloom of 2019

The orchid is blooming.  This is the first bloom of the year.


I am just in awe seeing just days ago that it had buds.  I didn’t expect to see it bloom today.

I got this orchid a year ago.  I thought I would eventually kill it.  Just like how I have killed so many other plants in the past. Yes, including a cactus, from over watering it.  So for this flower to survive and now blooming, is just amazing!

ASL 03.04.2019 (Clearwater, FL)

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