First Bloom of 2019

The orchid is blooming.  This is the first bloom of the year.


I am just in awe seeing just days ago that it had buds.  I didn’t expect to see it bloom today.

I got this orchid a year ago.  I thought I would eventually kill it.  Just like how I have killed so many other plants in the past. Yes, including a cactus, from over watering it.  So for this flower to survive and now blooming, is just amazing!

ASL 03.04.2019 (Clearwater, FL)

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Just moved in!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the run around but I thought it was best to just do it.  I’ve been thinking about it for so long and I just decided to just do it.  Besides, this blog name holds so much more meaning for me.  Many of my friends already know the term “food trip” and also the term that I’ve made up “happy food.”   For many many years, I have always used this term “happy food.”  But I’ll elaborate more on that on one of my future blog entries.

For now, I just want to let you guys know that this is now my new blog address at least for the rest of 2019! is now